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Water management is paramount in countries with water scarcity. This also affects agriculture, as a large amount of water is dedicated to that use. Around 80-90 % water used in agriculture field. The possible consequences of global warming lead to the consideration of creating water adaptation measures to ensure the availability of water for food production and consumption.

Today automation is one of the important roles in agriculture field. Most of the irrigation systems are operated manually, now a days. The available traditional techniques are like drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation etc. By the use of Drip Irrigation we can save water and fertilizer provided to the crops. Whenever there is a change in temperature, humidity and current status of rain of the surroundings these sensors senses the change in temperature and humidity and gives an interrupt signal.

Working of Smart Drip Irrigation System

In this technique, the water level indicator is installed in the water reservoir and soil moisture sensor is placed in the root zone of the plant and near, the module unit handles the sensor information and transmits data to the controller which in turn controls the flow of water through the valves.

Working of Smart Drip Irrigation System

Components of Smart Drip Irrigation System

Soil moisture sensor

Soil Moisture Sensor measures the water content in the soil. The soil moisture sensor is used to manage the irrigation system more efficiently.

Soil Moisture Sensor

Temperature sensor

Temperature sensor is used to detect the temperature of soil as well as atmosphere.

Temperature Sensor

Humidity sensor

Humidity sensor is used for sense the humidity in climate.

Humidity Sensor

Rain drop sensor

Rain drop sensor is used for rain detection. It can be used when raindrop falls. It also measures the rainfall intensity.

Rain drop sensor

Raspberry pi controller

This is a latest model of raspberry pi. In this model the internet module is in built. Storage capacity of these models is more as compare to old model.

raspberry pi

Advantages of Smart Drip Irrigation System

  • Increase in productivity.
  • Reduced water consumption.
  • No manpower required.
  • Require smaller water sources.


Automated drip irrigation is the most beneficial approach for the farmers. This system reduces the extra manpower to the farmer for his farm work like supplying water to plants, safeguard the crop from intruders. The smart irrigation system is suitable and cost effective for advance water resources for agricultural production. The system would provide feedback control system which will monitor and control all the activities of plant growth and irrigation system efficiently.

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